About Us

aboutusPratt Construction Inc began building custom estate homes and light commercial projects in 1992. We strive to build high quality homes and commercial buildings that consistently meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Our custom home division has built some of the largest and most specialized homes imaginable for clients all around the world. We continue to do work for the same clients as their needs, desires, and family size change. These repeat clients are a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction and our ability to always put the customer’s needs first.

Our commercial division can handle any project from land development through construction and interior tenant fit outs and general maintenance. We offer a bid service for any custom client build-out needs you may have. There is no limit to our capabilities or the lengths to which we will go for our customers.

About The Owner

Travis Pratt (owner of Pratt Construction) represents the second generation of Pratt family builders to serve our area. Travis believes that a final product should be a source of pride both for its design as well as its function. It is Travis’ goal to assist his clients in achieving their dream home or commercial property.

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